Saturday, 26 December 2015

7 Totally Genius Ways To Put A Book To Good Use...Apart From Reading It Of Course

Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you see a book.? You're supposed to read it right? Well what if told  you that there are a number of  things to do with a book? Take a look
1. Get a killer posture.

 Are you just dying to get that envy-inducing  Jlo  figure but  too lazy to exercise and diet? Well here's the easy way: try balancing a book on your head for a couple of minutes every day. The thing is: with the book or books on your head, it difficult, nay impossible to slouch. For maximum results, you could try balancing about three or four Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionaries first thing in the morning for about an hour ever single day. Hello killer body.

2. Start A Conversation.
 So you've been eying that hot guy or girl across the room for the past fifteen minutes but too shy to approach? Well, is she/he holding a book? Then you're in luck. Walk up to them and show or pretend to show a little interest in the book, but please on the pain of death try not to ask dumb and cliche questions like ''what are you reading?' or 'what is the name of the book?' I mean, you can read can you? So ask about the Author or what the book is about. You could even ask to borrow the book, that way you'll have to return the book giving you another chance to see them and n opportunity to talk again, genius.
Or it could work the other way round:

3. Avoid A Conversation.
 So that annoying person just walked walked in and you know they'll try to talk to you and you don't want them to? No problem. Stay calm and pull out a book from your bag ( I assume you carry one around, don't you?)  Open  it and put on your best ward winning - I am so deep in concentration I don't have time to listen to anything anyone has to say-look. Tighten up your forehead, you could even try nodding gently to show how far gone you are and that should scare them away. Unless they happen to be the relentless type then you'll just have to sit through it. Sorry.

 4. Stuff A Bag
 Ever notice how some bags are just so ugly when they're empty? Well it doesn't have to be that way. Just find a couple of books and  stuff them with it just make sure its nothing embarrassing just incase you have to empty your bag to search for your keys. And  am sure you don't want your crush to see that 'how to make eye contact with a boy you like'  book you've been carrying around when he's helping you pick up your stuff after you bump into each other.

5. Decorate A Room
 This is pretty straight forward right? Especially when your broke and cant afford any other decorations or if you're just an incorrigible bookworm, just a
Creatively arrange all your books around the place and it instantly transforms it.But just remember NO SILLY OR EMBARRASSING TITLES.

6.Pass Time
 So you're waiting for the bus or the train and bored as hell. Let your favorite Author help make it a little less frustrating.

7. Make Some Extra Cash
So you're broke and you have all these books you've spent so much money on? Good. Now I dint advise selling them because I like to read and re-read my books several times. Besides I just live having them for some sentimental reason so what I advise is that you rent them out. There are a lot if people who may want them but cant afford to buy them. You could even start your own personal library and charge your friends a token fee for borrowing the books. Thank me later.
So what other ideas do you have? Send in your comments