Wednesday, 30 December 2015


...'She know many people in Africa. She sell cloth'
'Where is she?'
'In Africa'
'Where in Africa?'
'In Benin'
'Why do you say Africa instead of just saying the country you mean?' Ifemelu asked.
Aisha clucked. You dont know America. You say Senegal and American people; they say, where is that? My friend from Burkina Faso, they ask her, your country in Latin America?
Ok I have never left Nigeria before but apparently, conversations like the one above take place all the time between Africans abroad and non-Africans. I personally find it hard to believe that there is an adult alive today who doesnt know that Burkina Faso is actually in Africa. I mean, whatever happened to paying rapt attention in class or did they sleep all through Geography class in Secondary School? Though I kind of blame us Africans for this, what if instead of just saying 'Africa' when asked where you are from, you actually say ' Sao Tome and Principe' or 'Mozambique' or even 'Western Sahara?' They dont know where that is? They might be pretending but its an excellent oppurtunity for you to show off how much you know about your country. You might even go all walking  encyclopaedia on them and say something like: Mozambique is a country in South East Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the East, Tanzania to the North, Malawi and Zambia to the NorthWest. Its GDP is 26.257billion dollars...(go to wikipedia for more). See? One less ignorant non-African.