Friday, 15 January 2016

Americanah: Buchi's Happy Ending

Have you finished reading the book yet? Well have and I think it now officially one of my favorite books. Of course, after rooting and praying for them, our  friends Ifemelu and Obinze finally kiss and make up. But sure, just like most times when we make a decision, someone else is affected and this time its Obinze's sweet four-year old Buchi.
 Does any one else feel sorry for her? I mean her parents are splitting and it cant be easy so I just hope that when Obinze declares 'Buchi will lack nothing' he doesnt mean just toys and nice clothes.  In the end, every child deserves the love and attention of both their parents whether they remain married or not.
 So there! Mission read Americanah, officially completed. I hope you'll pick up Purple Hibicus too so we can have just as much fun togeher.