Monday, 4 January 2016


Ask anyone and they'll most likely confirm what am about to say. Nigerian parents are some of the strictest in the world, unless of course you happen to be born abroad, then you can get away with a lot of things like telling your dad that you're about to move in with a man you're not married to like Ifemelu did or talking back at them them like like one of Nicholas' children, Nna or so. Cant remember his name now. My point is, an American or British (or a combination of both) accent, real or imagined can automatically make you a first class citizen in this country of mine. And what is this I hear about foreign graduates being able to pick where thee go for youth service? (if you're not Nigerian, kindly google the NYSC so you know what am talking about) But thats a story for another day so let me share with you an experience I had a couple of months ago, long before I even started reading Americanah. I was sitting with a man who had just returned to naija from the U.S when his wife called to complain about his American-born-never set foot in Nigeria-speak with an authentic American accent-daughters who were being super mean to their grand mother who was visiting from Nigeria for the first time. As a typical Nigerian girl, I was expecting him to go all strict-naija father on them but no, you should have heard him, " I don't want you to be rude to your granny, ok? ' she loves you, ok?"  In the fakest most ridiculous pseudo-American accent I ever heard. I was surprised but the most puzzling part of it? To see him seriously disciplining his Nigerian-born-no foreign accent to protect her-niece who was far younger than the girls by the way.