Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Excited about Bare-Lit 2016? Well, it needs you to happen

You do remember what Bare-Lit is, dont you? Dont tell me you've forgotten already. Ok, its this really cool literary festival for minority writers thats supposed to kick off  in the Uk from the 26th of February. Yeah, I said 'supposed to kick off' cuz unless we all do something fast, there wont be enough money to organise it (God forbid). So please do something. They need £7000 but they've only been able to raise about £4000 on the crowdfunding site indigogo.
I dont think I'll be attending (tears) but if you want to and I hope you do, please go over to  xhttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bare-lit-festival#/ to make a donation and we at Up Close and Literal, the organisers and indeed all book lovers out there will owe you our lives, forever. Ok may be not literally but it would make us really hapoy to see that this festivals does take place Did I mention that there are some really tempting perks you get when you donate.
You can follow them on twitter @barelt for more details.