Tuesday, 26 January 2016

She's been cleaning the figurines again

Am sure you know where I stand on this issue but just to make it really really clear, I'll state my postition: No wife on this earth deserves to live with a husband like brother Eugene and no child should have to cower and hide at the approach of their father like Jaja and Kambili. And they probably wouldnt have to if we did not live in a society that turns a blind eye to domestic violence, if instituitons like the Nigerian Police did not excuse it with statements such as 'this is a family matter, go and settle it at home' and if relations did not lay the blame entirely on the victims with unbelivable verdicts like 'are you sure you didnt do anything to provoke him? 'Your husband is not a crazy man, he would not just beat you without a good reason' Imagine!
Here in Nigeria for example, there are no reliable statistics on domestic violence because the victims have chosen not to speak up. Like sister Beatrice, they would probably rather transfer their voices to other things like her figurines which she cleans after every attack from the man who probably swore to love and protesct her forever before an alter of God.
We cant let this continue, if you or someone you know is goung through anything like this, please speak up. Seek help.