Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Emma Watson Example: Five other celebrities whose book clubs we'd hurriedly line up to join (cont'd)

I think there's a limit to how many words I can write in a single post or something. Anyway, here's the reminder
4. Everyone's favorite charity worker and United Nations mom Angelina Jolie
This woman has an child from almost every country on earth (ok, not quite), manages to speak up for the less privileged in the society, which we love her for by the way. And don't even get me started on the hottie whom she gets to share it all with. Angie, if you ever what to discuss the books that help you manage such a fabulous life, we'd be the first to line up for the free tea and cakes. Thank you.
5. The Queen of Tomboy-chic and model- of-the-moment Cara Delavigne
Need we say more? Which books have you been stealing all those style tips and tricks from, Cara? Go on. Confess.

The Emma Watson Example: Five other celebrities whose book clubs we'd hurriedly line up to join

We already look up to our favorite stars for inspiration (or instructions, if you like) on virtually everything. We eat what they tell us to, wear what they wear and there's seemingly nothing like seeing our favorite stars soaking up the sun on a white sandy beach anywhere on earth to get us reaching for the phone to call our travel agent. Now it seems we can also depend on them to let us know what books we should be reading: Queen O's reigns supreme as the mother, father and grandfather of all book clubs, Mark Zuckerberg has one, the queen of  'gluten-free' diets has one on her website for all you foodies and even Reese Witherspoon too!
Still here are the five celebs whose 'I've started a book club announcement' we are just dying to hear.
1. The good girl-turned bad girl popster: Miley 'twerking' cyrus
If she ever decides to share with the rest of us the best books to turn a megawatt smile-flashing teen into a styrofoam finger-sucking popster, we'd like to know. Over to you now, Miley.
2. The bad girl popster RiRi
If you've ever met a girl whose badder than our favorite bad gal Rihanna, please let me see your hands up. No? We thought as much. Over here we can just imagine the kind of books Rihanna likes to read, titles like 'Bad gal 101: how to made be the bad gal everyone loves to hate' ' How to be a bad gal and not give a flying fvck' etc probably line her book shelf and its probably studded with diamonds too!
3. The Human rights Lawyer- turned wife of the world's most delicious man Amal Clooney
Ok I personally hold a grudge against this lady. Reason: she just had to marry the man I had been crushing on for years, didn't she? *Hiss*
So she already had an enviable and to be honest really commendable job defending victims of human rights abuses ( you are an angel Amal, we mean it) yet her busy schedule didn't stop her from marrying George Clooney. Saying it again. George Clooney. Again. George 'your super delicious' Clooney. One more time for maximum effect. George Clooney.Only a woman with magical powers  can manage that so if Amal got it from a book ( no we dont mean the boring ones about law) we want to read them too.
4,The United Nations Mom and everyone's favorite Humanitarian Angelina Jolie
So this one manages to combine raising a child from almost every continent on earth with visiting and helping refugees. Dont even get me started on the hottie she gets to share her life with. So if she ever wants to start a book club to discuss the books that help her manage it all, we are definately signing