Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Harry's address

Mr H. Potter
The Cupboard under the stairs
4. Privet Drive
Little whinging
 Kindly let me know if you have ever read anythng funnier. Ever
I have really really fall in live with walking-encyclopaedia Hermione. Whose your favorite huh C'mon, let me know.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Harry Potter and the philosopher's Stone

Oh, no I haven't been living under a geyser for the past decade or anything that is likely to come to your mind when I say this is the first time am picking up a Harry Potter title. I know what you are thinking ' how did you survive the last decade then?' I don't know either, but somehow I always thought it was all about witchcraft and all that so I wasn't quite interested. But now, I change my mind and I hope to enjoy it. Hey, it did make someone a billionaire right? Plus, I'll have you Harry Potter veterans with me so it should be fun. Pull out your old copies guys and let the fun begin.
I think if you live in the U.S, then what you are looking for is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone. Its published under a slightly different title over there.

American Star: Primo

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of Jackie Collins. Everything I had heard about her appears to be true including the sex and most especially the sex. Cassanova Nick, small town beauty with big dreams Lauren, town jerk Stork, all bring something to the table. This is your typical 'blink and you'll miss a lot' kind of book- Really fast-paced and super enjoyable.

But the character am dying to talk about is the lazy slob Primo. Annoyances like him are of course no surprise. But what Pisses me off the most is the fact that there  are women like Aretha Mae and Nick's mother with so low a self-esteem (for lack of a better explanation), that instead of kicking such a man right out of their lives, they worship them and see nothing wrong with providing thier every need while they live out their mantra of  'food, tv and sex'. *shaking my head*
Cant wait to read more Jackie Collins though.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Am finally reading a Jackie Collins book. Yay!

I had never even heard of this woman until her death but when I found out what kind of books she had written, the sensational stories about Tinsel town, I knew I wanted to read every single one of them. So imagine my excitement when, while browsing  the shelves in the school library, there it was. Boldly written. Jackie Collins. I didn't even bother about the title, if this woman had written it, I am reading it. Period. The book is titled American Star an I CANNOT wait to get started. On other thing, I heard that some of her stories are based on real people (double the excitement). And then at the end of the book is an excerpt of an interview where she names Nick Angel, one of the major characters in this book as one of her favorite characters ever. As if I needed another reason to dig into it.
See you soon darlings.

Sense and sensibility

Am so sorry for being away for so long but I was a little too busy with my dictionary trying to figure out the meanong of most of the word and expressions in this book. Not that I was suprised thoygh, being an old book and all. I now know the meaning of words like curricle, coxcomb, banditti, hartshorn, michaelmas and huswifes (find out the meanings for yourselves).
 Though, teo things still puzzle me, I have searched the internet but I still cant find out why they put a lock of hair on their engagement rings or the the origin of this practise. Do you know anything about it? Kindly share it with me and may God bless you. Secondly, on page 276, Lucy addresses her letter as C. And C. I still dont know why.