Friday, 11 March 2016

Am finally reading a Jackie Collins book. Yay!

I had never even heard of this woman until her death but when I found out what kind of books she had written, the sensational stories about Tinsel town, I knew I wanted to read every single one of them. So imagine my excitement when, while browsing  the shelves in the school library, there it was. Boldly written. Jackie Collins. I didn't even bother about the title, if this woman had written it, I am reading it. Period. The book is titled American Star an I CANNOT wait to get started. On other thing, I heard that some of her stories are based on real people (double the excitement). And then at the end of the book is an excerpt of an interview where she names Nick Angel, one of the major characters in this book as one of her favorite characters ever. As if I needed another reason to dig into it.
See you soon darlings.