Monday, 27 June 2016

Book Review

Hey guys,
How are you all today. So a couple of weeks ago I received a book from for free and am supposed to write an honest review in return. So here goes:
Title: Seneca Rebel (The Seneca Society Book One)
Author: Rayya Deeb
Genre: YA/ Science Fiction/ Romance
Date of Publication: June 2016
Format: ebook
What's on the Cover: The cover features a vey interesting cover of a woman lying on her back with what looks like the structure of the DNA, ( hey, I can talk science,too). drawn on her face and another one falling from among a couple of upside-down palm tree. Am guessing this is in line with the scientific theme.

Plot: Welcome to Los Angeles in the not so distant future where smart phones, computers and aeroplanes as we know them today are so last fifty years ago thanks to dizzying levels of technological advancement where die-hard Nirvana fan Dorothy 'Doro' Campbell lives. She is your regular sixteen-year except she's one of the country's  greatest mathematical geniuses.  Doro agrees to go to a special girls' reform school in in order to save her mother from going to prison for a crime she committed, she arrives there to find out that it's not exactly your every day reform-school ,(don't ask me, read the book). But no sooner does she  makes the decison to stay on inspite of a not-so simple condition than she makes a startling discovery about some high-ranking members of the 'school'. Along with her crush Dominic 'blue combat boots' Ambrosia, she embarks on a mission to flush out the bad eggs in the system and expose their evil deeds.
Review: While reading this book, I suddenly found tears of joy streaming down my cheeks, I'll tell you the reason for this emotional outburst wonderful bookworms: I had finally found a scince fiction novel that doesn't contain gazillions of mind-numbing gizmos and technological terms. You know, one that I didn't have to read without frequently checking the giant copy of the latest edition of The Dictionary of Sci-fi terms I have by my side. Am by no means what you'd call a nerd, but I found Seneca Rebel easy to understand and a lot of fun to read. But what I liked most about this book, was the very last sentence. So if the writer's intention was to get me to read the sequel, then she definitely succeded because now am not going to rest until I get my claws on it when it comes out so I can see what happens with Doro and her father.
Rating: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹