Thursday, 30 June 2016

Book Review

Good morning lovely people, so I got a second book from the wonderful people at on the condition that I write an honest review afterwards and I agreed. So this is me keeping my word like a good girl:
Title: Painting Sky
Author: Rita Branches
Genre: yA/Romance
Year of Publishing: 2016
Whats on the Cover: well, you know enough about me by now to know how much I love to salivate about a book’s cover before I even open it. Yes. I sometimes judge a book by its cover. Sue me. So gratefully, this book was one of the few that indulges a poor cover-obsessing book worm like my self because it has a really lovely painting of a blue-haired woman with  her head poking out of the clouds.Two of the show’s main characters are artists so I guess it’s appropriate. See for yourself...

Plot: people pleaser Jane ‘Skylar’ moves in with her boyfriend Cody whom she has been dating since high school, her brother Ryan and her boyfriend’s rebellious brother Keith, who really hates her by the way to start college.Wait, who does that? Moving in with three boys? Girl, are you crazy? Will their childhood love survive the trials and tribulations of growing up on a college campus crawling with scheming   Jezebels just waiting to pounce and steal an innocent girl’s loving long-time boyfriend? Ok, am being dramatic but…
My Favorite Character: Keith. Why, because he’s dark, mysterious, has piercings and a huge giant tattoo. Enough said.
My Least Favorite Character: Keith’s real father. Enough said.
Review: Am predicting that this book will be a major hit with young adults mainly because it’s so easy to identify with the main character Jane. The book was quite delicious what I did find funny though, is how the author kept inventing oppurtunities for Keith and Jane, or Skylar to be alone together. Oh no, did I just give something away? But whatever this book lacks in depth and suspense in more than makes up for with that amazingly stunning cover. Yes.I can’t stop talking about it. Can I please just look at it one more time?
And oh, does any one understand the title? Cuz I don't.

Rating: πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹