Friday, 29 July 2016

Book Review!

Title: The Lace Makers of  Glenmara

Author: Heather Barbieri
Year of Publishing: 2009
Plot: You know how it sometimes feels like it's all going wrong, all at once? No? Well, just ask poor Kate Robinson, and she'll tell you how it feels. You see, she's supposed to be a fashion designer but her line isn't doing well, then her boyfriend  Ethan leaves her for a top model, then her mother dies! Poor thing. So, Katie decides to do something fun, you know, to clear her head. You deserve it, girl. She takes a trip to the Emerald Isle which he and her mother had  initially planned to do together. She stops at the small town of Glenmara and there she is befriended by a group of lace-making village women. Under Kate's mentorship, the women discover that the  lace could be put to more than one good use. She teaches them to make, ahem, lingerie out of it. Which wouldn't be a big deal if this wasn't a pretty traditional catholic village so a couple of feathers are bound to be rustled.
Review: I really loved Kate's  subtle kick-ass atitude lurking underneath all that apparent softness: Your boyfriend leaves you for a scrawny anorexic model? Migrate to a tiny Irish village and start making the tiniest sexiest bit of lacy lingerie which he'll never have the pleasure of seeing you in. Infact, I think I just though of a new name for this book. It shoul have been called: Revenge? It's best served wearing Lace! Yep. Take that all the Ethans of this world. I also loved the warm friendhip and companionship she cultivates with the  women, and that priest going through all that heartache over a few harmless pieces of lace? Super funny.
The book was a fun read and I highly recommend especially if there's a certain Ethan-like jerk you'd like to get back at. If you know what I mean? 😜
Lest I forget, there's a cover reveal party coming up right here in a few hours so stay tuned, all right?
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