Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Book Review

Title: Lessons in Life
Author: Laramie Dunaway
Genre: Womens' Fiction
Date of Publishing: February 1994
Plot: Ah fame! Millions would kill for it, very few get. But  if you're the only offspring of famous 70's Bonny and Clyde-style bank robbers, then your photos are going to be splashed all over people magazine- whether you like it or not. So poor Blue  Earhadt was just a normal High School biology teacher with an ex-husband, an ex- boyfriend and a fashion sense that is as on-point as that of a... In short, never mind that. But that was until the governor suddenly woke up one morning, probably from the wrong side of the bed, or off the floor and decides to inject some, well, excitement into her life. Without  asking her permssion of course. Because who needs to ask a girl whether its ok to release her crazed, hippie-bank robbing parents on parole thereby summoning every nose- poking photographer, journalist and pseudo-journalist to her doorstep to get her thoughts on the impending family reunion, right? How sweet. She didn't ask for any of this. But she is a fighter and thats what she'll do- take each day as it comes while trying not to run over any if the dozens uninvited microphone-wielding homosapiens at her doorstep. Not that she needs anymore drama in her life right now

Review: You know how after reading a book you go on total rampage like a crazed maniac searching  through every bookstore close and far away from you and grabbing every book ever written by that same author? Yes?  Thank God someone know how I felt after reading this book! It was sometimes funny, sometimes really really funny and yet, sometimes I couldn't help feeling sorry for poor Blue. Having to live through that insane media spectacle and for all the wrong reasons. This book was wonderfully super and I loved it every page. Plus, the short Biology lessons (mostly on reproduction, really) were greatly appreciated. One of the perks of reading a book about a biology teacher, right?
Rating: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹