Thursday, 14 July 2016

Book Review

Title: Hiding Out In Hollywood (A Hollywood Dating Series #2)
Author: Jennifer Farwell
Genre: Chick Lit

Plot: It's a scientifically proven fact that unless you have the IQ of a sugar ant, you do not, for any reason at all, want to be caught on the wrong side of the gentlemen (and ladies), of the press. No one knows this better than poor twenty-six year old Emily Watts. Apparently in book #1, she was dating a  hot rock star named Cory Simpson (the name is very rock star-ish, don't you think?), then as a result of a mix-up, for lack of a better word, it apoeared as if she was cheating on him with another guy, Jesse. Of course as true dedicated, rock star-obsessed-fans, Cory's fans turned on her for daring to do such an evil thing. Don't get confused here, this all happened in book #1, I haven't read it either but according to a note from the publisher on Wattpad, where I found this book by the way, it's not a big problem. So there you have it. By the way, my username on wattpad is @chiomaahmia so lets connect, yeah?
Now to Book #2 which is what we're reviewing today. Somehow the dust from all that fiasco has blown over and Emily is trying to get her life back on track, carefully avoiding anyone brandishing anything remotely resembling a camera. Every thing seems to be going well until the hottest movie star in the world Raine Kingston, comes into her life (just what she needs right?), and it seems that all her hard work is about to be undone.
Review: I can just imagine all the  stress she went through in book #1 and I kinda feel sorry for her. Am sure she must have found all that unwanted attention super annoying because she seems like a really private person. Bit I think the most admirable quality about her is her independence. I will explian: this girl snags one of the world's most eligible bachelors and what is she worried about? Her livelihood. Advertisers apparently pulled out of her fashion blog Zeeked (what does that mean, by the way?) and it's still fresh in her memory. She's well aware of the attention that comes with being with such a guy and is worried about the effect on her source of livelihood. If she married this guy she'd be made for life but she doesn't seem to care. That, my people, is seriously sexy. For that quality alone, I found Emily quickly jumping higher on my list of most loved heroines. Emily, Destiny's child had girls like you in mind when they sang Independent Woman.
 I do wish there had been a bit mire emphasis on her work work, maybe a couple of blog entries. You know to shift the focus away from her relationship a little. Yes. That the fashion-obsessed book worm  part of me speaking.
Over all, it was quite engaging and the story kubda draws you in. I wonder if there's goung to be a sequel?