Sunday, 28 August 2016

I have fallen helplessly and hopelessly in love with these five Womens' Fiction/Chick-Lit characters and I guarantee you will too.

Hey Everyone!
 Hope you are doing great. A couple of weeks ago, I was just sitting down and minding my own business when I suddenly realised that I was in love. Again. Not just with my boyfriend (of course I have one. What did you think?), but with a couple of really amazing fictional characters who only exist in some wonderful books that I have recently read (even though I really wish some one would make a big screen adaptation of the books so I can finally put a face on them). Now I've loved books for as long as I can remember so me being obsessed with fictional characters is nothing new. I mean I, like very other normal human girl out there also went through a Mills and Boon stage : Dreaming about my Prince Charming, my first kiss... But I think this is kind of special, maybe because am grown up now, I think I kind of admire these women. Yes. Finally found the right word! Admiration. Full blown hero worship-let-me-kiss-your feet-because-I-wish-I-could-have-your-strength-beauty-and-power admiration.
 So without wasting any more of your precious time, here are the five women I can't stop obsessing over and what's more, am guessing that by the time you are done reading this, you may feel the same way too:

1. Ifemelu from Americanaah
a). Because she finally found the courage to love the black, curly, kinky, fabulous hair she was born with.
b). Because she is a fighter and doesn't give up.
 You can read and  article I wrote about the book here:

2. The Five Women from Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

a). Because Audrey, Slip, Kari, Faith and Kari somehow managed to be there for each other for almost three decades when girls these days can't even mainten friendships for a month!
b). Because they served the most wicked dishes you can ever imagine at their book club meeting
which I absolutely hate them for.
c). Just for having a solid three decades-old book club. I always wanted one so am jealous.
You can read my review of the book here:

3. Lucinda Bailey from The Bridesmaid Blues

Before you ask, I have read this book and I plan to share my review with you guys very soon but before then you can regard this as a sort of introduction to Lucinda Bailey.
 I even interviewed the author Tracey Sinclair (yes, I know. It's super awesome, right?).

 So here are the reasons why Luce totally rocks.
a). She's funny. Sorry, huge understatement. She's downright so-funny-I-laughed-so-hard-while-reading-this-book-thereby-earning-me-looks-that-were-laden-with-concerns-about-my-sanity-from-strangers funny. Enough said.
b). She designs fabulous jewellery though she apparently doesn't know it yet. I could be friends with this girl. Think about all that free stuff!

 4. Casey Han from Free Food for Millionaires

a. She wears what she likes, no matter what anyone says. I see myself raiding her wardrobe in the dead of the night and stealing some (not all, am not as brave as Casey yet) of her clothes and hats.
b). She's determined and strong. Even with only a couple of dollars to her name.
c). She stood up for her mother Rachel, when she was raped by that evil choir master.
 You can read my review of the book here:

5. Chloe Germain from The Devil's Own Chloe

a). She's got a hot career (she's an architect), seems like she'd be fun to be with and she lives in Paris. Yes. I love Paris that much. Sue me

b). That Halloween cat-woman outfit, oh-la-la!
 The writer Alix Nichols stopped by the blog during her blog tour soin case you missed it:
 So there you have it. My five current obsessions. Do you think I've left anyone out? Do let me know