Friday, 12 August 2016

Book Review

Title: The Red Fields (The Eastern Dwarves #1)
Author: Leo deSouza
Format: epub
Source: I got it from the author himself
Genre: Fantasy/ Adventure
Plot: Two dwarfs of the RockFoot house, Olaf and Rurur are out berry picking one day when they witness the entry of a mysterious dark rider mounting a flying beast into their homeland the Eastern Lands. This obviously means trouble so the king sends out a delegation consisting of  Olaf, Rurur, Master Chief of Arms Thuor and warrior Torag to find answers and avert impending diseaster.
 On the way they pass through magical lands and of course encounter lots of different creatures.
Review:  This book is almost 900 pages, I think that automatically makes it ten times harder to mainten the readers' interest. But am happy to report that Mr. deSouza does a fairly good job. The book builds suspense from the very beginning which is essential in order to prevent the reader from putting it down after the first few pages. Even though the length of the book means that it's a very long time between the beginning and the end, there is a lot to keep you interested in the mean time. I thought my poor eyes would pop out of their sockets while reading the descriptions of the different magical creatures and lands. I particularly loved the elves' magnificent tree houses. I was so intrigued by it  I couldnt help myself so I asked the author  about it when I interviewed him. Wait, you mean you didn't know about that? Ok, read about it here: and here:
Though there were one or two boring interludes here and there. Plus, I had expected to be fully rewarded for my patience in the end. I wasn't  and I may have, you know, grumbled a little.But that's understandable as this is only the first part in the series. Guess that means I'll be forced to pick up the next one to find out what happens in the end. Not that I mind. 
But overall, it was just such a worthy escape for a while, at some point I felt like I was in an amusement park or something. Am happy to report that this one of the few books which will somehow manage to appeal to both adults and children. 
Rating: 3.5
Too bad I can't I represent half a kiss, but here are the first three kisses for it, though: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹