Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Book Review

What's up everyone?
 So a couple of days ago, the wonderful Tracy Sinclair and I connected on Twitter and she sent me her latest book The Bridemaid Blues for free but on the condition that I share my thoughts with you guys afterwards which is what am about to do. Am sure you guys know that the fact that I didn't pay for it doesn't affect my opinion in any way, right? Great!

Title: The Bridesmaid Blues

Genre: ChickLit

Author: Tracey Sinclair

Format: She sent me an ePub but am sure it's available in other formats (I'll ask her).

Date of Publication: 2016

Plot: Meet Lucinda Bailey, Luce to everyone. She lives in London and she is your average twentysomething career woman. Or almost. But anyway, some of her special talents include turning
ordinary-looking stones into kick-ass jewellery pieces, guzzling a bottle of wine in record time and last but not least, dating the wrong men.
 And as if the poor girl doesn't have enough problems, now her best friend has asked her to be braidesmaid at her wedding in which her ex Jimmy will serve as best man.
 If there was ever a time to show an ex what he's missing, that time is now.

Review: Honestly when I accepted this book, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but after a couple of pages, I knew that Bridesmaid Blues was one of the funniest books I would ever read. I was laughing 98.9% of  of the time (and you do not want to hear me laugh), which was of course ok when I was alone, but most of the time it was in public: on a bus on my way to School, in class, the iPad hidden underneath my school books or sitting in the library. You can just imagine what that did to my reputation. I hate you Tracey!
 Luce (she's already high on my list of literary characters I cannot get enough of. Read the full article here:   https://upcloseandliteral.blogspot.com.ng/2016/08/Amsoinlovewiththesefivecharacters.html), was witty, funny and provided super big budget blockbuster rom-com-level dose of entertainment that I just couldn't get enough of. Yes, I can already picture a big-screen adaptation for this one. In fact I asked Tracey about it when I interviewed her (yes I did). I'll share it with you on Friday so stay tuned.
In addition to the humour, the book provides some valuable lessons about appreciation, self confidence and some clues about steering clear from the kind of guys no girl should ever have to suffer the indignity of dating.
 A little spoiler and forgive me for this Tracey but if you think your annoying ex broke up with you in a very shitty manner, that's one more reason why you should read the book. And am not saying more than that. Am trying to avoid a lawsuit here people.
 It's a book I highly recommend, especially if you're having a not too good day. Pick it up and let Luce make your day a little better.

Rating: 4.5

Of course you guys know I usually award kisses but I haven't figured out a way to represent have a kiss yet (any graphic designers in the house?) so here are the four kisses that I can show you.

 Have a lovely day everyone and remember that I love you almost as much as I love me.

Stay bookish,