Friday, 12 August 2016

The Friday LiTerview: Leo deSouza (con't)

Sorry guys, this is the second part of the interview
So you're brazillian, tell us about the Olympic games, whats the mood like in Brazil right now. Have you been to the stadium yourself? What games did you watch? Don't blame me, I can't afford to go myself so thats why am pestering you. You're the closest I can get to experiencing it live (even better than watching it on tv).

The Olympics are in Rio, one among many big cities of my country, Brazil is a huge country!
As I don't live in Rio, I'm not following the games in live. But! The football is been disputed in all states, the last match was yesterday! It was only 100km far from my home and I went there to see it! Fortunatelly, we won 4x0 against Denmark. And as in Brazil we always like to win in football, you bet my mood. :D
But the general mood is not that great, Brazil is Huge, there is people who live so far from Rio that it is like if they were living in other country! Besides, we are facing many political problems. :(
Kindly say something sweet to our readers in a Portuguese (then translate it to english, of course. Lol).

I can say in portuguese:

Aproveite o seu tempo livre lendo mais, o objetivo da ficção não é apenas nos afastar do mundo real mas também abrir nossas mentes para novas possibilidades!

Which means in english:

Enjoy your free time to read more, the goal of fiction is not just to move us away from the real world but also open our minds to new possibilities!

How super sweet! Thanks a lot, Leo.
Tune in next week for another interview.