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FridayLiTerview wth the multi-talented writer, nurse, martial artist and baker Karen Tomlinson (we're so jealous)

Hey everyone,
 This week we're getting all up close and literal with Karen Tomlinson. She 's a wonderful person (she let me have a copy of her latest book, A Bond of Venom and Magic, I'll share my review with you guys soon), but I do have one problem with her: the woman has such an envy-inducing bio! She can write, she can decorate cakes and she can kick your butt. No body has a right to have so many talents.
 Take a look.

Karen Tomlinson is the author of The Goddess and the Guardians series of Young Adult fantasy books.

Karen has always been an avid reader. Her taste in books is eclectic but she likes nothing better than an exciting fantasy, set in a new and magical world. She lives in Derbyshire, England, with her husband, twin girls and her dalmatian, Poppy. Karen trained as a nurse and currently works as a resuscitation and clinical skills trainer, this involves training a wide variety of health care professionals and medical students in acute patient care. In addition to writing, and reading whenever she can, Karen likes to keep active. She has been training at Shotokan karate since being thirteen, likes walking, mountain biking and (for something completely different) cake decorating. She is currently working on book two in The Goddess and the Guardians series.
About me!
As soon as I could read I spent hours getting lost in the new worlds books could give me. Spending my pocket money had to be done (obviously) but not on sweets, well, not manyI spent my money on books. Back then it was Enid Blytons Famous Five which sparked my young mind. I didnt rest until I had the whole set, then I migrated to the secret seven(there was no Harry Potter then)  As a teenager I would trawl through all my mum and dads discarded books. It was probably highly inappropriate for a thirteen year old to be reading swoony Mills and Boon romances followed by Ian Flemming, Alistair Maclean and Wilbur Smith!
Because I read anything and everything I could get my hands on back then, I now have an eclectic taste in books. I will read anything that catches my eye and absolutely love illustrated book covers! In my late teens I discovered fantasy and that genre has stayed my firm favourite. I am and will always remain a complete sucker for a fantasy with kick ass characters and worlds steeped in magic and romance!

1. When did you first fall in love with books?
Ooh, my love of books goes back as far as I remember! My favourites as a child were Enid Blytons Famous Five books. I used to save my pocket money up and managed to buy the whole series. I moved onto the Secret seven after that but didnt enjoy them as much. When my mum did her weekly shop I used to go to the book shop across from the supermarket and sit and read. About that time-I dont know- maybe eleven/twelve years old I discovered my dads Ian Flemming and Wilbur Smith books, and my mums Mills and Boon romances. So even though it was probably inappropriate that was my teenage reading material. Now I will read anything and everything, although fantasy is my favourite. I love books-some more than others, but even if a book and its characters dont grab my heart I always try and finish it.
2. I wonder if you have a favourite writing spot, you know, that magical spot where you feel so relaxed that the ideas just come flooding in?
I wish I did! Unfortunately my life is really busy so I write whenever and wherever I can. I dont necessarily think this is a bad thing as I find inspiration and ideas from watching people go about their lives or listening to the world around me. That being said I actually like sitting on my bed and writing. I cant listen to music to write like lots of other authors, I like quiet to think. Thats one of the down sides to writing when Im out and about, although I am getting better at blocking out noise now.

3. What are your hobbies?
I have been training in Shotokan Karate since I was thirteen. I have had the past year off after I won the World Organisation of Mixed Martials Arts world games 2015 for Kata in my class. I hurt my thumb after doing a jump that landed badly. It is more or less better but I have been busy with pursuing my writing more seriously this year, to return to my club although I practise at home. I love to decorate cakes too when I get the time. Heres a few Ive done. I also love mountain biking and walking in the peak district national park near my home 
with my family and Dalmatian- poppy- and of course, reading! 

4. Whats your personal style? You know, when it comes to clothes and even your writing.
. I am still finding my personal writing styleor voiceas many people call it.
Clothes wise- I actually dont have a wardrobe at the mo. My clothes are in boxes as I have recently taken out my wardrobe to make room for some stairs to a loft room. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl most of the time, but love to get dressed up and go out feeling good, you know curl my hair and stick some high heels on

5. What led you to self-publishing your books? Any special reasons?

Yes. I got disillusioned with the amount of time it took to get answers from literary agents. Not only that, the more writing and author groups I joined the more I realised they all said the same thing-- it is a chance in a million someone will want to represent you, or that your 
work is what they are looking for. I persevered for a while, but found the time and effort of changing each submission letter in detail to follow each lit agent submission guidelines extremely frustrating and almost impossible with working full time and writing too. After applying to 30 agents and getting probably fifteen or so rejections over about seven months I began to look into self-publishing. I did not want to waste all the effort and time and hard work that had gone into writing my book. It seemed a huge mountain to climb but I began to follow other authors that had done it and were successful, sohere we are!
6. If you could come back as a character from a classic book, who would it be?
Easy for me-- it would be Lizzie Bennet From pride and prejudice. I love Mr Darcy.and also I love the dresses they used to wear (slightly impractical for karate and mountain biking though!)
7. What are your top five books of all time?
Really hard for me to answer this one as I love so many booksso Im not going to try and pick 5.
Ok so I suppose my hard back set of Lord of the Rings is one of my favourites. I love the artwork in them, but even though I love the story I found the triology hard to read’ especially when I was younger; and Wilbur Smiths River God has always been a favourite of mine,mainly because of the character Taita (I think thats how you spell it). My most recent favourites are the Game of Thrones (of course-huge fantasy geek here) series and anything by SJ Maas. I just love her style of writing. Another author whose books I have enjoyed recently, and one whom helped spur me onto self-publishing, is Elise Kova. I really enjoyed her Air Awakens series which is YA fantasy.

8. Have you ever been to a book festival? What was it like? Yes. I have been to several. Im still trying to decide if I like them. Although I have picked up the occasional useful piece of infoI find many people at book festivals to be elitist in their views about books and sometimes I dont enjoy the festivals. I have even left early on occasion.

9. What is the most important writing advice you ever received?

  I listen carefully to what more experienced authors have to say. But from my own experience, and theirs, I have to say- tell your own story, 
with your own characters in the way you wish to tell it. When I was looking for an agent I did my best to change my story to try and fit with what they said they were looking for. This never story lost its own voice and I ended up losing connection with my 
characters.just do your own thing; but keep writing until your story is complete, then edit, edit, edit. Take what your beta readers say on the chin and fix the problems then edit, edit, edit. But whatever you do-if you love writing dont give up!

Karen's latest book A Bond of Venom and Magic is out October 14th 2016.

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Here's the thing by Emily O'Beirne blog tour: Why the LGBT Label Still Matters

Why the LGBT Label Still Matters

I was asked a couple of questions as a prompt for this guest post.

The first was: Is LGBT a genre?

The answer to this is simple: no, it͛s not.

I͛m just going to pop on my teacher hat on here. The term genre, which translates from the
French to ͚kind͛, is used in popular culture to define a set of conventions and expectations
of a type of story.  For example, when I͛m teaching my media students about genre, I start
by asking them questions like what they expect to see when they are about watch a new TV
sitcom. They͛ll inevitably spout a bunch of conventions like canned laughter, lots of one-
liners, the short length, limited sets, the lack of narrative continuity etc. And when I ask
them what they͛ll expect from a fantasy, someone will inevitably call out ͞dragons!͟

The ͚LGBT͛ label describes a demographic, not a genre—in the same way the ͚Young Adult͛
label does. By using it, we know who the book is about, and, to some extent, who it is for.
And like YA, a vast range of genres exist under this label, too.  There͛s Malinda Lo writing
LGBT fantasy with Ash. There͛s Robin Talley dabbling in horror with her Macbeth re-render,
As I Descended. There͛s Molly Beth Griffin writing historical romance with Silhouette of a
Sparrow. There is no set of rules or expectations of the label ͚LGBT͛ as such. Except, you
know, the presence of LGBT folk.

The second question I was asked was: do we still need this kind label for books?

The answer here is an unequivocal, emphatic yes.

Because it doesn͛t matter that LGBT is not a genre. That͛s not what͛s important. What͛s
important about labelling a book LGBT is that it offers an indicator both for readers that
here is a story about them. And given there are still not enough of these stories, for some
readers this is a crucial identification point.

I had a teenage reader write to me earlier this year who was saved by a literal LGBT label.
She wrote to me asking how she could get a copy of my first book, an YA book about a
lesbian relationship, A Story of Now. We wrote back and forth a few times, and in her emails
she told that no one outside her online life knows she is gay. Not her parents, not her
teachers, and not her friends. And this is because her mother and father are religious and
vocally intolerant of homosexuality. She doesn͛t dare come out—even to her friends— in
case it gets back to her parents. She doesn͛t dare buy LGBT books online or in a shop in case
her parents find records of her purchases. In fact, until she learned how to hide her
browsing history, she was nervous about just looking at anything related to being gay

What had saved this girl until this point was physical books. A few years ago she was visiting
a public library with her mother when she discovered that some helpful librarian had put a rainbow sticker on the spine of every LGBT book in the YA section. This sweet, colourful
identification point told her that queer people lived inside the pages of each and every one
of those books. The next chance she got, she came back to the library alone and has been
reading her way through all of them ever since. Inside them she found characters she could

identify with and stories that made her feel possible. Now she hunts online for LGBT YA
wherever she can find the category.

The LGBT label is vital for people like her, who need to find themselves in books. They are
also important for building a community of writers in an area of under-representation so we
can support and promote each other. And sure, I guess I like to think that one day in the
future there might be a time when there is no need to label a book LGBT, but I don͛t kid
myself it͛s close yet. Not when I͛m still hearing stories like this. This is why we need to keep
putting rainbow labels on the spines of our novels—literally or figuratively. Because that͛s
how they get to those who need them.


Thanks a lot Emily!

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Book Review: Get Ready for a Brand New Definition of Perfection!

Title:  Single Chicas

Author: Sandra C.Lopez

Genre:  Collection of  short stories/ Women's fiction.

Source:  Free from in exchange for an honest review

Single Chicas is a collection of short stories following the lives of several Latina women. It focuses on the lives at work, at play, on the train, at the airport... Well, almost everywhere.
 See more on the banner on the right

 This book did it for me in several ways: first, it's officially given me one of my favourite book quotes ever, the one about perfection being a Barbie doll (see it on the right). I really like it and I'll be using it a lot from now on so get ready.
Now there are about thirteen really fun stories in this collection. It was like making thirteen new friends and having a really fun girls' night out or in, to share stories about our day while feasting on junk food.
My favourites in no particular order: My Big  Fat Fake Wedding, The Lesbian Theory,  Night Caller and the title story, Single Chicas.
There's one story, I won't tell you which ,about a girl who was so busy her friends had to stage a very eerie romantic intervention on her behalf.
 An oh, lest I forget, now I know that almost everyone in the U.S. Speaks Spanish. But I don't so I really wish the author had kindly translated the many Spanish words and phrases in the book. But other than that, it was muy agradable!

 Stay bookish everyone,

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Friday LiTerview with the sweet-toothed ex-tomboy Deanna Sletten

Hey everyone,
 This week we get all up close and literal with the amazing writer Deanna Sletten. Am sure you know who she is. We even hosted a release day blitz for her latest book Finding Libby a couple of days ago. Just scroll down, it should be somewhere on the right hand corner of the blog. But before that:

1. Tell us about yourself, Deanna.

Hello Chiomaah. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your blog today. I am an author of both women’s fiction and romance novels. I’ve been publishing since 2011, starting as an indie author until I was discovered by an acquisition editor at Lake Union Publishing in 2014. My latest novel, Finding Libbie, is my second book with them. On the personal side, I grew up in southern California and moved to northern Minnesota in my teens. I’m married and have two grown children, a son and a daughter. I love spending my free time walking the trails in the woods with my dog, relaxing in the boat on a sunny day, and spending time with my family. I also enjoy traveling and my favorite vacation spot (so far) is a tiny island in the Bahamas.

2. Is there any particular thing you hate about being a writer?

I actually enjoy the entire process of writing. I find research before writing a book to be interesting and I love planning out each character and the story’s setting. Writing, of course, is the best part when I can let my imagination run wild. Once a book is finished, there is the editing process, which can be tedious, but I really don’t mind it. It gives me a chance to make sure the story is exactly the way I meant it to be. And of course, once the book is done and readers share their thoughts, that is the best part of being a writer. Those first few days a new book is out can be stressful, hoping that readers will like it, but it’s worth all the worry. I waited a long time to be able to share my stories with others so I’m enjoying all of it

3. Tell us about your new book. Finding Libbie.

Finding Libbie is a bit different from what I’ve written in the past. It is more emotional and delves deeply into the tough subject of mental illness and drug and alcohol addiction. But at its core, it’s also a love story. The story begins in the present, then takes you back to 1968-1975 before bringing you back to the present again. If you love stories with drama and a good love story, then this is the book for you.

4. What was the inspiration behind it?

Finding Libbie starts with the character, Emily, opening an old hatbox at her grandmother’s house and finding photos from her father’s first marriage; a marriage she’d never known about. Then it goes on with the telling of Jack and Libbie’s story. It is that old hatbox that was the inspiration for the story – except in my case it was a small box of memories. We all have a box somewhere in our closet, basement, or attic that holds a memory from long ago, be it family pictures, old high school memorabilia, maybe even clippings from some glory days of sports. You may even forget about that box until you run into it one day and when you look inside, all the memories of the past come pouring out of it. That’s how the story of Finding Libbie came to me. I opened a box of memories—not mine but someone else’s—and it was as if the story of Libbie and Jack washed over me in that one moment. I had to write it. That had never happened to me before. It was almost magical.

5. What's your favourite food?

I am not much of a foodie but I do love baking. Cookies, brownies, anything that isn’t good for you. I guess my favorite is something I make for Christmas every year (because if I made it more than once a year, I’d gain a hundred pounds!). They are called Nut-Goodie Bars, and they are delicious! If you want the recipe, let me know. J
Are you kidding? Of course we'd love that Deanna! Better still, I'll send you my address so the next time you make them you can...

6. What kind of a child were you?

Ooh, childhood. Sometimes I feel as if I was never a child. I grew up with two older brothers so I was a tomboy who kept up with whatever they did, much to my mother’s chagrin. I was quiet in school, made good grades, and loved to read. My other favorite subject in school was history. I still love to read anything historical. I was stubborn, too. Anytime I was told I wasn’t capable of doing something, I set out to prove that person wrong. I guess I’m still like that—I’ve received over 200 rejection letters from agents and publishers for my novels throughout the years, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Thank goodness I didn’t. 

7. Do you have a support system. Tell us about it.

My husband has always supported my writing goals and encouraged me to keep doing it even when I wasn’t doing very well. I also had a couple of college English teachers who encouraged me to pursue writing, as well as an editor at a small magazine who gave me my first break as a writer. My editor at Lake Union has been my greatest ally and supporter since she first signed me with them. She is encouraging and truly believes in my writing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support.

8.What are your top five favourite Shakespearean plays

Yikes! I have to be honest with you, I don’t have any favorite Shakespearean plays. Of course, Romeo and Juliet comes to mind as a favorite, but that’s about it. I can tell you my favorite authors though. I’m a huge fan of everything by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charlotte Bronte, Truman Capote, and Louisa May Alcott. Other authors I love to read are Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Dorothea Benton Frank, Melanie Benjamin, and Paula Brackston.

Finding Libbie Is on sale now and can be purchased in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats on Amazon:

All my books can be viewed on my Amazon Author Page:
Readers can also connect with me at my website:

Twitter: @DeannaLSletten

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It's a Cover Reveal Party! πŸŽ‰

April Showers and Wedding Flowers
Lindsey Paley

The wedding cake is baked, the champagne is on ice and the bridesmaid dress is a perfect fit. Everything is ready for Hannah and Archie's wedding at the picture-perfect church in the sleepy village of Aisford in the Lake District.

But if Camille Carter, 'Queen of Culinary Chaos', thought everything would go according to plan for a change, then she was wrong. When tragedy strikes at the Stag Party weekend there's a risk the wedding will have to be called off. 

Will Millie team up once again with irritating-but-hunky Fergus McKenzie to untangle the mystery and ensure the wedding of the year goes ahead without a hitch? Or should she leave well alone and return to her little Parisian patisserie to concentrate on her fledgling Afternoon Tea business?

April Showers and Wedding Flowers is sure to delight fans of the Camille Carter series.
Author bio: 
Lindsey Paley is the author of contemporary romance novels and a cosy murder/mystery series set in the English Lake District. When not scribbling away in her peppermint and cream writer's retreat (shed) she loves baking cakes and indulging in a spot of Afternoon Tea with her friends where a glass of pink fizz is often the highlight. She loves walking in the countryside and is also a keen archer!
You guys ready to see the cover? Drumroll please!

Author links:
Am sure you'd like a copy
 And many thanks to Jenny of Neverland blog tours for letting us take part. 😍
 Stay bookish everyone,

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Weekend blitz tour for Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening: Q&A With Our Bookworm Fashionista Gina Dickerson

1. Tell us about yourself, Gina

I’m the author of the dark fantasy series Mortiswood Tales as well as dark fairy tales ‘Always Golden’ and ‘The Pennington Christmas Curse’ as well as other books. I live in Thanet, in Kent in the UK, with my family and Siberian husky. I love shoes, reading, and chilling while watching a good film.

2. What was the first book you read as a child?

I can’t remember the first book I read as a child. I was always reading when I was young and some of my favourites included books by Enid Blyton, the Chronicles of Narnia, and as a teenager books from the Point Horror series. My nose was constantly stuck in a book and I hated having to put a book down to do anything else once I was caught up in a story!

3.I read your blog. You are into both books and fashion just like me. Now that's kind of rare so you can imagine my excitement. Infact, you are now officially one of my favorite authors! So tell us something about that aspect of your personality, who are your favorite designers? What would you not be caught dead wearing? Everything!

Thank you! You’re right I do love both books and fashion. There’s something about both, isn’t there? Both can tell a story. I have a massive shoe collection. I’ve hoarded them over the years and I lost count of exactly how many I own when I reached my 300th pair! I have some gorgeous pairs by ‘Gina’ of London, a pair of which I wore for my wedding and which are encrusted with Swarovski crystals. They are lovely but I am scared of losing the crystals so they are reserved for special occasions only! I don’t really buy designer clothes and shoes, I prefer a bargain so I can afford to buy more. What would I not be caught dead wearing? I would never wear dungarees…I’ve seen them go in and out of fashion several times over the years but they are just not for me, I find them really unflattering on myself. The best clothes have to be the ones which fit well. Oh, and I love vintage fashionlittle black dresses, pinched waist jackets, and of course, shoes. I am a bit like a magpie and am drawn to all things sparkly but sometimes I have to tell myself no else my poor wardrobe would burst!

4. What was the inspir
ation behind your new book Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening.

When I started writing Mortiswood Kaelia Awakening I wanted it to have its roots in the real world with an influence of Norse mythology, fantasy, and fairy tale. I am inspired by the feelings all three of those subjects hold and I wanted to capture the essence of that in Mortiswood.

5. What qualities do you admire most about Kael
ia, the book's heroine?

I like how strong Kaelia becomes. No matter how difficult things become for her, no matter how alone she sometimes feels, and how afraid is she, she does not give up.

6. Kael
ia? Am already thinking that might be the name of my first child. How did you come up with it?

I think Kaelia is a Gaelic name, I don’t think it is used a lot and I found it while researching little known names as I wanted something slightly unusual

7. Tell us about Authors Reach.

Authors Reach is a co-operative of authors formed between Richard Hardie, Catriona King, Sarah England, Shani Struthers, and myself. We each write in different genres and brought our skills together as Authors Reach to bring our books directly to readers. Authors Reach books are currently available online on Amazon sites, Waterstones, and Blackwell’s – among others, plus our books are also available to ordered in, in any good bookstore. And of course signed copies can be ordered direct from us on the Authors Reach website.  

8. What are your top five favourite books?

It’s hard to pick just five…here goes, in no particular order:
‘The Eternal’ by Mark Chadbourn,
‘Bless The Child’ by Cathy Cash Spellman,
‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte,
‘Time Without End’ by Linda Lael Miller
Sacrifice’ by S J Bolton.
Thank you! 


MORTISWOOD: THE KAELIA AWAKENING- Gina Dickerson on Why She Chose Fantasy

Hey everyone,
 Am very excited to present to all of you, our very first guest post. And it's by the amazing Gina Dickerson, no less. She's stopping by as part of her weekend blitz tour for her latest fantasy novel Mortiswood: Kaelia awakening organized by Jenny of Neverland blog tours. Hey Jenny!
  So, over to you Gina

Why Fantasy?

Books have always been important to me. It had never mattered whether the story waslengthy or short, just as long as it was captivating. I grew up swimming through the words of one book before diving straight into another. Those stories were somewhere to immerse myself in, a world to get lost in, friends to find, and a place to fall in love with. I read, and still read, many genres, from romance to horror but my heart was always stolen by tales of magic, fairy tale, myth, and fantasy…and the darker, the better! 
It wasn’t a conscious decision to write in the dark, urban fantasy genre, the idea came to me when I was on holiday with family. We were staying in a gorgeous farm house in Devon. The house was set in about twenty acres of land and looked out across the garden to a field where deer were rutting, and in the distance was a wooded area. One afternoon, mist began to creep across the fields from the woods creating an eerie, almost ethereal, feel and the idea for Mortiswood sparked. I knew it would be a book filled with magical powers and creatures not of this world. I wanted it to be an exciting adventure with all the mix of the things I liked reading in a book – magic, myth, and fantasy with a splash of romance and a heap of action. 
I’ve really enjoyed creating the different realms, both new and from Norse myth, and unusual characters in Mortiswood so I hope they are equally enjoyed when they are read!


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Blog tour: She's certainly a hot chick now

Hey everyone,
 Today is out stop on N. Raines blog tour. It even comes with a giveaway so be sure to enter and good luck.
Anyway,  her new book is called Not the Hot Chick.
 Yes, I know it's one of those titles that makes you want to get started on a book at once. And the cover, take a quick look at the cover

Those shoes!
Anyway, today am going to be reviewing the book so let's get on with it.

Plot: Ugly duckling Layla, a student teacher who struggles with low self-esteem, accompanies her super hot I- am-every man's-dream-lay-and-I-know it roommate Jessie on a night out. As usual, Jessie casts her net and it catches a really big fish, hot bartender Cam. But somehow, in a twist of sweet victory for all ugly ducklings out there, it's Layla (the not-so hot one, do not forget that), who ends up having the steamiest sexual intercourse of her life with him that night. Wonder what Jessie will think of that.

Review: First, the spoiler alert: this one like most books, has an ugly duckling, a tasty Prince Charming (yes, that Cami guy is  πŸ”₯) and a happy ending. But somehow, and I don't know how the author did it, it ended up being so deliciously naughty, not to talk of being a hundred doses of girly fun. Even though at some point I was afraid that Layl and Cam would end up in the ER from all that steamy action. I feared  they'd be too dizzy to even remember their own names! Yes, that was a silent warning: if you're a prude, then this one's certainly not for you. The sex is intense- which is putting it mildly and there's some strong language so be warned.
  I really loved watching Layla grow from an insecure girl to a confident woman.  I'll let you in on a little secret: at some point she demonstrates this in such an admirable way that made me want to immidiately commission an artist to make a bronze statue of Layla for me so I can bow down to it first thing in the morning, everyday. Read the book and see if you can guess what it is that she does and let me know in the comments section.

Review: 3.5
 Stay bookish everyone and enjoy the rest of the tour.

Monday, 12 September 2016


Hello fashionista bookworms,
 The day you've all been waiting for is finally here. It's our stop on the Tokyo Cover Girls blog tour and am going to be reviewing it. See the banner on the right for more details.
Wonder if it's a coincidence that it falls during New York Fashion Week? πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ•Ά  That reminds me, if you'd like a copy of the book (of course you would), here's how to enter the giveaway that we're hosting:

Plot:  You know how everyone says that the moral value of present-day reality tv shows keeps sinking lower and lower?  Well, let me introduce you to Hailey, Blake and Jess, two teenagers who are the Hello Kitty capital of the world, Tokyo working to add the 'super' to their modeling careers. It's gets even better when they are chosen to compete in the doll show by the satsujin a Japanese company. which they are totally not, by the way.
They'll supposedly be competing for a chance at the glittering modeling career they have always dreamed off, or will they?

Review: The book was just like Chanel no 5- scented fodder to a fashion-obsessed mind like mine. Yes, I would totally rock pigtails, ankle socks and hello kitty barrettes, or maybe not. And with titles like 'They don't call it hate coutoure for nothing',  'that knife looks so good in you'  and 'some girls just aren't photogenic', every chapter of the book was fun to read with a humorous twist thrown  in here and there, the book was an absolute delight. And it's no suprise since the author Jackie Amdsen is herself a former model who also used to live in Tokyo.
  Even though at some point I wanted to grab the three girls and bang their heads really really hard against a wall. I mean girl, you can handle calculus you should have known that that offer was just too glittery to be true.
   Meanwhile, I'll be busy adding Tokyo Cover Girls to my little list of  top fashion books every fashionista should read in her life time

Review: 3.5
  Stay bookish people and remember I love you almost as much as I love me.

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Don't Miss This Chance for a Free ebook!

Hey everyone,
 There's yet another exciting blog tour coming your way on September 12th, it's the Tokyo Cover Girls by Javkie AMSDEN blog tour. That's right, so if like me you suffer from a combined love of fashion and books, this one's for you. What s even better, you could win a free ebook copy of the book. Just follow the steps below.

 1. Follow @UCandLiteral if you aren't already you can use that tiny blue button on the top right hand corner to do so now.
 2.  In 140 characters or less ( of course) tell us about your fave book character.
Remember to tag us and add #TCGGiveaway.
 Send in your posts before October 5th and thats it. You could be our winner.
 We have on e ebook copy to give away to the most interesting entry so hurry and get tweeting.