Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Book Review: Get Ready for a Brand New Definition of Perfection!

Title:  Single Chicas

Author: Sandra C.Lopez

Genre:  Collection of  short stories/ Women's fiction.

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Single Chicas is a collection of short stories following the lives of several Latina women. It focuses on the lives at work, at play, on the train, at the airport... Well, almost everywhere.
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 This book did it for me in several ways: first, it's officially given me one of my favourite book quotes ever, the one about perfection being a Barbie doll (see it on the right). I really like it and I'll be using it a lot from now on so get ready.
Now there are about thirteen really fun stories in this collection. It was like making thirteen new friends and having a really fun girls' night out or in, to share stories about our day while feasting on junk food.
My favourites in no particular order: My Big  Fat Fake Wedding, The Lesbian Theory,  Night Caller and the title story, Single Chicas.
There's one story, I won't tell you which ,about a girl who was so busy her friends had to stage a very eerie romantic intervention on her behalf.
 An oh, lest I forget, now I know that almost everyone in the U.S. Speaks Spanish. But I don't so I really wish the author had kindly translated the many Spanish words and phrases in the book. But other than that, it was muy agradable!

 Stay bookish everyone,