Saturday, 17 September 2016

MORTISWOOD: THE KAELIA AWAKENING- Gina Dickerson on Why She Chose Fantasy

Hey everyone,
 Am very excited to present to all of you, our very first guest post. And it's by the amazing Gina Dickerson, no less. She's stopping by as part of her weekend blitz tour for her latest fantasy novel Mortiswood: Kaelia awakening organized by Jenny of Neverland blog tours. Hey Jenny!
  So, over to you Gina

Why Fantasy?

Books have always been important to me. It had never mattered whether the story waslengthy or short, just as long as it was captivating. I grew up swimming through the words of one book before diving straight into another. Those stories were somewhere to immerse myself in, a world to get lost in, friends to find, and a place to fall in love with. I read, and still read, many genres, from romance to horror but my heart was always stolen by tales of magic, fairy tale, myth, and fantasy…and the darker, the better! 
It wasn’t a conscious decision to write in the dark, urban fantasy genre, the idea came to me when I was on holiday with family. We were staying in a gorgeous farm house in Devon. The house was set in about twenty acres of land and looked out across the garden to a field where deer were rutting, and in the distance was a wooded area. One afternoon, mist began to creep across the fields from the woods creating an eerie, almost ethereal, feel and the idea for Mortiswood sparked. I knew it would be a book filled with magical powers and creatures not of this world. I wanted it to be an exciting adventure with all the mix of the things I liked reading in a book – magic, myth, and fantasy with a splash of romance and a heap of action. 
I’ve really enjoyed creating the different realms, both new and from Norse myth, and unusual characters in Mortiswood so I hope they are equally enjoyed when they are read!