Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Blog Tour: Here Comes The Witch by Ani Gonzalez

 And how are my favourite bookworms doing today?
 So the day has finally arrived for another exciting blog tour. You do remember, don't you? No?  See, this wouldnt happen if you followed us on Twitter, click on the tiny button on the top right hand corner right to do so. 
 So on the tour there's going to be a review by yours sincerely of course, and a top ten list  by the lovely author herself. How cool is that? See the tour details on the banner on the right.

 Plot: Jewelry designer Kat Ramos finally has a chance to open her very own shop like she's always dreamed of. All she has to do is leave her beloved NYC and move to Banshee Creek (yep, I thought so too) Virginia to marry a total stranger Liam and break a century-old curse, the result of a an extreme case of sibling rivalry between the Santelli sisters, Guilia and Violetta over William Hagen. Easier than done.

 Review: Here comes the witch is now officially one of the most infectious books I have ever read. As you may have guessed from that name, this town is mightily steeped in the believe in things that go bump in the night, everything here has a paranormal theme, it has a botanica, a Santeria, a YouTube channel that dedicated to  all things dark and eerie. And oh, check out the food- unicorn Horncannoli, UFO pistachios and Ghost pepper Lo Mien. And fear not, I did the research on your behalf, Banshee Creek is fictional. But the pleasure I got from reading this book isn't, Ani Gonzalez makes it hard to not get sucked up in the paranormal spirit with vivid descriptions of the Ghost festival and giddy townspeople.
I really suspect that Ani Gonzalez would make an excellent sales person because half way through this book I was ready to pack up and leave for Banshee  Creek to get a bit of all the exciting action. I may be unable to do that, but am definately reading every other book ever written by this woman.

    I hardly ever read the blurb before starting a book, I like to discover things for myself so when Liam walked into the botanica and after shaking Kat's hand, asked "Shall we go get married now?" my eyes popped open in amazement but after a quick scan of the blurb, I heaved a huge sigh of relief, the poor guy hadn't left his good manners at home after all. 

   Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you'll find this one hard to put down. And about Kat and Liam, who did they think there were fooling, pretending to be all business-like? The heat between them was obvious from the start and of course when the inevitable happened and they fianlly tore each other's clothes off like we all knew would happen, I couldn't help smiling mischievously, naughty girl that I am.
 This one would be a worthy addition to any library so go check it out and enjoy the rest of the tour.

Rating: 3.5

 And of course, stay bookish,