Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Here Comes The Witch Blog tour: Ani Gonzalez's top five tv sources for insipiration.

Of course there's one more thing to look forward to on the tour. Ani Gonzalez is sharing with us her top five sources of witchy inspiration.
Take it away Ani.

Hi, my name is Ani Gonzalez. I write paranormal romantic comedy and cozy mystery and Up Close and Literal has kindly agreed to host the book tour for Here Comes the Witch, the first book in my Main Street Witches cozy mystery (with lots of romance) series.
Main Street Witches is a spin off of my haunted town romantic comedy series, Banshee Creek.  Three witches head to America’s Most Haunted Town to open up businesses, and find romance and mystery along the way. The series was inspired by my love of all things witchy (just like Banshee Creek arose out of my enthusiasm for all things haunted). 
I’ve been a paranormal fan for a long time, so I’ve had a lot of inspiration come my way, and television shows have definitely influenced my writing a lot. Here are my top five T.V. sources of inspiration. They all (in one way or another) inspired the Main Street Witches series.
1. Charmed – I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Charmed Onesand it is still one of my favorite television series. I love the interaction between the sisters, and when I wrote my series I knew I had to have three witches. The girls are not sisters, but they may as well beHere Comes the Witch even features a magical house, just like the Halliwell Manor.

2. Witches of East End – This series stole my heart. Again, three witches and a fantastic house (hmmm, can you identify a theme?). I love the triad interactions in this series too.

3. Gilmore Girls – I love the snappy repartee and strong family ties in this show. My books have plenty of magic, but they also have regular people helping each other deal with problems. Think of it as Gilmore Girls with ghosts! 

4. Veronica Mars – A small town, a female sleuth, and excellent writing. All it needs is a couple of ghosts to be perfect.

5. Scooby-Doo. – I love the mix of supernatural spookiness and real-life villainy. Also, I want to be Velma when I grow up.

Do you have any favorite witch characters? Share them with me in the comments.