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The FridayLiTerview: Tracey Sinclair- The Ex Who Inspired Me

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 After  going through one of the most annoying experiences ever (she had to serve as bridesmaid at a wedding where her ex whom she had a very bad break with, was best  man. Oh my!) this former Newcastle United fan decided to make the most of an unpleasant experience the way every one should: write a book about it of course! And what a book it turned out to be.

 Her latest novel The Bridesmaid Blues is, you know what, am not telling you. Just go out there and buy it. But if you'd like a review:  You may also want to read this article:
 Am sure by now you understand my excitement about this young lady so ladies and gentlemen, I give you the amazing Tracey Sinclair! 
1. Tell us about yourself, Tracey.

I’m a freelance writer and editor based in Brighton, and I’ve so far published 5 novels and 3 collections of short stories, including the Bridesmaid Blues and the paranormal series Dark Dates.

 2. First of all, have you ever considered moonlighting as a stand-up comic? The Bridesmaid Blues is so funny.
Why, thank you! I used to do a lot of readings, actually, which have a slight element of performance, but don’t think I’d ever have the nerve to be a proper comi
3. What was the inspiration behind the book? Funnily enough, the idea came from real life – I was the only bridesmaid at a wedding where my ex, with whom I’d had a very bad break up, was best man. It worked out fine, but it did give me an idea for a story.

4. I totally see the book as a blockbuster chick-flick, which actors would you pick to fill in the roles?

Ooh, how nice of you to say – though I am hopeless at casting films, as I never write with specific people in mind. I love hearing other people’s thoughts on this so, so if anyone has any ideas

5. What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

Get dressed and go to my local cafรฉ for coffee. I can’t function without it.

6. Tell us about your hometown Newcastle

Newcastle has a big reputation in the UK as a party town, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a friendly, vibrant city with a surprisingly beautiful city centre (there’s some stunning architecture around Grey’s Monument in the centre of town) and a thriving cultural scene. I don’t get back often enough but I always love it when I do.

7. Do you like football? What clubs do you support? Am guessing Newcastle United.

I used to be really into it – and yes, support Newcastle United, whose home ground St James’ Park was at the bottom of my mum’s road – but I fell out of the love with them when they bought some players with very questionable reputations, and never really got back into it.

8. Have you always known you were funny?

Tough question! I think it’s actually quite hard for women to realise they are funny, because they are socialised out of it. I remember once dating a guy and every time I made a joke he would go ‘that was so funny – was it really you who made that up?’ (needless to say, we didn’t last!). So I would say I probably didn’t get comfortable with the fact that I could be funny until well into my thirties. 

8.What are you top five favourite ChickLit novels?

Oooh… always tough to pick favourite books! But I like stories that have a bit of a real life edge to them, so enjoyauthors like Marian Keyes, who manage to include quite serious, sometimes dark topics such as alcoholism and depression but still be very, very funny. I also loved Good in Bed, by Jennifer Weiner, where the heroine struggles with weight issues that aren’t miraculously solved with a makeover!

Tracey Sinclair is an author and freelance editor and writer. Her books include the romcom The Bridesmaid Blues and the Dark Dates/Cassandra Bick series, the latest of which, Angel Falls, is out now.
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