Sunday, 11 September 2016

The LiTerview: Author Dorothy Dorothy F. Shaw Opens Up About Her Love for Italian Food, Music and Sex!

Hello bookish people,
  You guys all remember The Stripped Bounty right? No? Well, here it is again:
 And now am bringing you an interview with the author, the amazing Dorothy F. Shaw just like I promised. Please enjoy!

1. Tell us about yourself, Dorothy.
a. Well…let’s just keep this one high level, shall we? Otherwise my answer could go on for days! 
First and foremost, I’m a mom of 3 at all day, I’m a technology manager in the corporate world. By night, I’m a writer. I drink too much coffee, I don’t sleep enough, and I’m a little insane because…like I said, I’m a writer. Good thing I’m also tenacious otherwise I might not be able to do all the things=)

2. Your most recent work, Stripped Bounty is what I like to call a super high temperature book, when did you decide to start writing books like that?
a. From the very first fiction story I ever wrote, I have been writing super high temperature sex scenes. It’s what I like to read, so it’s what I like to write. I can’t imagine a romance book not having sex in it. There are plenty out there, and that works for some. But for me, I prefer the sex to go along with the story.

3. Well I can only assume that you're not a shy person, but do you think that issues like this are discussed openly enough? And do you ever feel shy or embarrassed to talk about things like that with say, your kids?
a. I’m in no way a shy person. I’m definitely an extrovert for sure. I guess by issues, you mean the topic of sex? I’m never embarrassed talking about sex, but of 
course its important to consider your audienceThere are certainly people who 
associate sex as a shameful act. I don’t subscribe to that belief. Do what makes you and our partner feel comfortable, do what makes you and your partnerfeel good. And definitely don’t use sex as a weapon…or to do harm to others
Where my kids are concerned: the youngest is 12, the oldest is 25. They know what I write, (adult romance) it’snot a secret, but I don’t openly discuss details of sex with them in an inappropriate manner. And certainly not above what’s appropriate for their age group. Sex is not a bad thing, and kids should be educated, but in an acceptable, age appropriate way. 

4. Growing up, how open were your parents regarding issues of sex and sexuality?
a. In my home growing up, sex was not considered a bad thing. It wasn’t a shameful secret. It was discussed appropriately. Also, my parents were appropriately affectionate toward each other in front of us, and I do believe that’s a healthy thing.

5. In Stripped Bounty, Badger introduces Rose to a whole new world, if you know what I mean. Helping her feel things she never believed she'd be capable of feeling. What advise would you give to women and indeed men out there, who are afraid to try new things in the bedroom?
a. I would ask: what are you afraid of? I know for a fact, that communication is always the key. Have the conversation. Talk about likes, desires and dislikes. Talk about fantasies. As long as both parties consent, then go for it. There are no rules, aside from respecting your partner’s wishes. If they say NO, then that means NO. As long as things are consensual then explore because sex can be and is a wonderful thing.

6. Ok Dorothy, let's call this BDSM 101, what advise would you give to someone who's willing to try it for the very first time? Your favourite tips, tricks, that sort of thing.
a. Well, to clarify, just because I write sex that explores some of the BDSM dynamics, does not mean that I’m an expert in any way—or that I personally live that lifestyle. We all have things that we like, or find sexy, in the bedroom. I happen to find the things that write sexyBut…to try and answer your question, I would say it would be good for someone to do some research first. The Internet has a wealth of information. Just be sure it’s accurate because there are a lot of people, even some authors of fiction, that don’t portray that world accurately.

7. What's your favourite food and what kind of music do you listen to.
a. My favorite food is Italian. But really, it was anything that my grandmother used to cook. =) 
My favorite music is: Everything! I listen to everything from Heavy Metal to Country, and even some Classical in between. 

8. What are your top five favourite books of all time?
a. This is SO hard to answer. I could tell you my 5 favorite authors easier than I can pick 5 books, but here goes:
1. Walk Through Cold Fire – Cyn Forshay-Lunsford
2. Anything by JR Ward – but specifically Love Unbound.
3. Damage – Josephine Hart
4. Anything by Kresley Cole – but I’m particularly fond of Lothaire.
5. Tear You Apart – Megan Hart