Sunday, 30 October 2016

Authors' Picks: Spooky Reads for you this Halloween πŸ‘»

Happy Halloween guys,
 Now we do not celebrate Halloween in Nigeria *sob* but I know a lot of you do. And I also know you'll be all dressed up in your costumes out having fun. But just incase you decide to stay in and like a true bookworm, crave something spooky to read, I had these three authors share with you their top picks for a literal Halloween spook-out session.
 Please enjoy!

Claire Marta, Author of The Hunter Chronicles Series

1. Tell us about yourself, Claire

My name is Claire Marta and I have a passion for writing and finally decided to take the plunge getting published with my  first book Frostbite, which is the first book in my series The Hunter Chronicles.

I have always loved paranormal romance books and even movies about vampires and other creatures has all sparked my imagination.

A native Brit, I lives in Italy with my husband and daughter. When i’m is not writing and drinking copious amounts of tea, I enjoys taking photos of my adoptive country, trying to stay fit with running, reading amazing books and being a stay at home mother.

2. 2. Can you make any Halloween treats? Do you mind sharing the recipe with us?
I love Halloween especially being a Mother , it means great fun for me and my daughter. Living in the land of Pasta and pizza I like to try and use the food we eat for some spooky fun. One thing I like to do is spooky spaghetti eyeballs.

What  you will need to make this is, Spaghetti and a tomato pasta sauce, cheese (I use mozzarella but you can use what you like) ground beef and small tomatoes.

First I get the water boiling ready for the pasta.

Then taking the ground beef I roll it into little meat balls , depending on how much meat I have and how many people are eating I make quite a few. Using a fork I make a hole in the middle and add some cheese in the centre. These I cook in a frying pan with some oil. Being small they usually don’t take to long to cook through.

By now I have my spaghetti in and cooking away as well. 

Once the meatballs are done I put them to the side and warm up the tomato pasta sauce. Then I cut up my small tomatoes.

Once the pasta is ready drain water and then add the tomato pasta sauce and mix well before plating up. Then I place the meat balls on the plate and use a fork to press the cheese in their centres to make them ooze as they should be well melted. Using my hands I add the small slices of tomato to make the irises. Ta da instant spooky spaghetti eyeballs!

3. What are your top five picks for a literal Halloween spook-out session?

My spooky reads for Halloween would have to be The Shining, Dracula of course as I love vampires! IT which terrified me when I read it and even more when I saw the film. The Woman in Black – I also saw the stage show of this in London and it left my heart pounding! The Historian another take on the vampire myth and a read I very much enjoyed!