Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Interview with Secondary Character, Alis Gallagher

Thanks for agreeing to talk with us, Alis. I have the feeling this will be an interesting and enlightening interview. I’m sure you have plenty to say about yourself, your daughters, August and Monday, and your chosen lifestyle. Let’s get started.

I’ll start by getting right to the point. Much of your parenting skills would be considered…let’s say… unconventional. Would you like to discuss this? 

You’re damn right I’d like to discuss this. But first, I’d like to address your “chosen lifestyle” comment. Do you seriously think I chose my lifestyle? I was a poor immigrant kid who got knocked up by an older man and then abandoned by my husband. Where the hell is the fairness in that? Chosen lifestyle, my ass. 

Let’s keep this interview G rated, shall we? 

Oh good God, another do-gooder. Just what I need. You and August must be best friends. 

Alrighty then. Let’s go back to your comment about being abandoned by your husband. Wasn’t he killed in the war?

Yeah, and that’s just what I’m talking about. I told him we should go to Canada, but no, he had to go and get all patriotic when he was drafted. Thought only of himself. Where’d that get him? Dead, is where. Don’t get me started on that. You think I don’t know that August and Rhonda blame me for that?

I doubt your daughter and her grandmother blame you for your husband’s death. You have to remember, it greatly impacted them as well. 

I don’t have to remember crap. Oops…sorry, Mother Theresa. 

(Sighs heavily) Let’s go back to my initial question about your mothering skills, shall we?

Listen, I was the best mother I knew how to be. Do you think my parents were wonderful role models? You bet your a…butt they weren’t. Did that stop me from growing up and using my smarts to get what I needed? Hell no. This world is rough. The trick to getting through it is to stay one step ahead of things. If that means doing some unconventional things, like you say, then so be it. I never hurt anyone with the things I’ve done. That’s more than I can say for little Miss Goody Two Shoes, August. tried to warn her about men. How to play their little games. Did she listen? Of course not. Look where it got her. 

It seems to me that August faired pretty well for herself, despite the number of obstacles thrown in her way. 

Yeah, if you can call living with a fat old Indian woman fairing well. I mean, have you seen that woman? She can’t hold a candle to me. Look at this body. I work hard to keep in shape. Men can’t stay away from me!

Men with the right amount of money?

Oh, now you’re gonna throw that in my face? I’m outta here. I knew this was a mistake. I knew you’d take August’s side. Everyone always does. Poor little August. Her mommy doesn’t love her. Boo freakin’ hoo. 
(Storms off while swearing up a storm)



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