Monday, 17 October 2016

Book Review: Riches and Rags by Camille Nagasaki

Hey beautiful bookworms,
 Today we are hosting an amazing witer, Camille Nagasaki. She's on a tour for her new book Riches and Rags (see more on the banner on the right). We'd like to thank the author Camille and Samantha whose organising the tour for letting us be a part of it.
Hope you enjoy it.

Plot: Lane Carson is living the posh life that almost everyone dreams of: she lives in a ginormous mansion in one of the poshest parts of town, West Vancouver and has a whole suit to herself.  Her life is heaven and of course she's a very busy woman and some of the activities which take up her time are when she's not honeymooning  on a luxury yacht, are  attending  luncheons and shoppingShe has nannies to take care of the kids, of course. I mean you really didn't  expect a woman like her to use those perfectly manicures hands to change nappies, do you?
Well, that was before her husband Micky, dropped the bombshell of the millennium on her: he had lost the family money and was leaving on a quest to find himself. Alone with her two kids, Rory and Margo, no job, no money and no where to go, what ever is a girl suppossed to do?


Review:  I found it hard to believe that the grumpy and mean Trophy Wife, Lane Carson I met barking orders at staff and generally being bitchy was the same woman who by the end of the book, had figured out a way to stand on her two feet without the luxury she was used to. She had a successful business and had made real friends. KActually, she'd always had those friends but never realised it because she was just too caught up in her world to notice.
 The book is hilarious but with such an important underlaying  meassage and I couldn't stop to do anything else until I finished it. I was really proud of the strong woman that Lane had become. Micky went on a self-finding quest, but it was Lane who really found herself, just like a tea bag that doesn't show its strength until it's been through hot water.
I loved the characters but my favourites were Old George and super annoying Rory.
 And oh, I found something I'll be adding to my little list of top favourite book quotes: "What does
Rory eat?"  It doesn't mean much until you take into account that the speaker is talking anout her own
daughter here.

Rating: 3.5

Enjoy the rest of the tour everyone,