Sunday, 30 October 2016

Authors' Picks: Spooky Reads for You this Hallowen πŸ‘»

Happy Halloween guys,
 Now we do not celebrate Halloween in Nigeria *sob* but I know a lot of you do. And I also know you'll be all dressed up in your costumes out having fun. But just incase you decide to stay in and like a true bookworm, crave something spooky to read, I had these three authors share with you their top picks for a literal Halloween spook-out session.
 Please enjoy!

1. Gina Dickerson Author of Mortiswood: The Kaelia Awakening

1.                   You already know how cool we think for being one of the few people who are able to combine a love for books with an equally tasteful fashion sense, so am sure you know that this question is inevitable: Have you picked out a Halloween costume yet? Tell us 
about it, what inspired it?

I haven’t picked an outfit out yet but I definitely would like to have one! I am planning on decorating the house this year as I didn’t last year. I have a couple of handmade tombstones which my son and I made a few years ago, they are made from cardboard and are painted. I like candles so there will be lots of candles lit on Halloween. If I am going to have a costume it will be have to be something vampire inspired – dark and gothic, with a pair of lace-up high heeled boots. Oh, and a vampire cape! I also made one of those a few years ago, it is black with red lining and gold buttons at the neckline with a gold strap to keep it on!

2.                   What's your worst childhood Hallowed memory (if you have any).
 I don’t have a bad memory from Halloween. I never played ‘Trick or Treat’ but I have been to, and held, parties for Halloween, which were fun!
3.                   What are your top five picks for the ultimate Halloween spook-out session?
Book-wise? If we’re talking books I like to go on a throw-back fest to my teenage years and read a book from the ‘Point Horror’ series, probably ‘Teachers Pet’ by Richie Tankersley Cusick, or ‘Fall Into Darkness’ by Christopher Pike which isn’t in that series but is really good. Other choices would be ‘The Wakefield Witches’ by Daoma Winston, any of Roald Dahl’s darker short stories, or a tale about angels and demons. Curling up with a creepy book, a packet of crisps, and a mug of green tea is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween…although I may need more than candle light to chase the shadows away!

Gina Dickerson
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