Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Deadline Weekend blitz tour: Jackie discusse her love for Greek cuisine, Pizza, chocolate and her thoughts on the Chibok Girls

Hey guys,
 So it's day 2 of Jackie Kabler's weekend blitz tour for her new absolutely thrilling mystery title, The Deadline organised by Jenny of Neverland blog tours. On this stop there'll be an interview with the author and a review of the book. Not forgetting theat juicy giveaway which you can still enter, if you haven't done so already. I hope you'll stay tuned.

1. Tell us about yourself Jackie.

Hi, thanks for having me on your blog! I worked as a TV and newspaper journalist in the UK and around the world for twenty years, but for the past four years I’ve been a presenter on QVC, a TV shopping channel based in London, and I’m also an author of course! I’m currently writing a series of murder mysteries based in a TV newsroom, a world I know very well. 

2. I read The Deadline, which is a really awesome book by the way, and I felt instant jealousy. Where and how did you learn to spin stories like that?

That’s so kind of you, thank you! I’ve never had any formal writing training – I’ve never been to creative writing classes or anything like that. But even as a child writing essays at school I would get carried away with the story, and I’ve always been a big reader too. And of course I had lots of inspiration for storylines from my career as a news reporter. I covered lots of major crime stories including some high profile murders, and so the crime genre seemed to be the best one for me to attempt when I began to write my first book.

3. So why mystery? Did you want to be a detective as a child, or what?

I have often thought that if I hadn’t been a journalist, I’d have loved being a police officer, yes! But really it was my work as a reporter which gave me the interest in crime. I spent so many hours covering court cases, looking at the defendant in the dock and wondering if they did it, and if so why they did it, and how. I find it fascinating. 
4. You worked in TV so of course you're used to getting all dressed up and that means you can't escape this question: tell us about your personal style.

I think it’s taken a long time to find my personal style but I’m finally there! At work I don’t always get to choose what I wear, which is good as it pushes me out of my comfort zone and I’ve actually discovered styles and colours that suit me, which I would never have chosen on my own. I’m tall with long legs so my favourite look is skinny jeans or leggings with high heels and a loose top. I like quite big statement jewellery too. I wear a lot of blue (probably too much!) and I love clothes with interesting textures rather than prints. 

5. You just got back from Greece, what was it like? Do you have a favourite Greek food?
It was fabulous – glorious sunshine and stunning scenery. I love Greek food in general but on this trip we had the most delicious fava dip in several different restaurants. It’s made with yellow split peas, onions and garlic and it’s divine!

6. Who are your top five Mystery writers?
Tough question, there are so many! I love Ian Rankin, Tess Gerritsen, Harlan Coben, Patricia Cornwell and Jo Nesbo.

7. What are you reading now? Apart from The Deadline, of course.
I’m reading The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. It’s very good!

8. 21 of the kidnapped Chibok Girls have just come home. What do you think?

It’s fantastic news. I can’t imagine what they and their families have gone through over the past couple of years. 

9. What are your favourite 'totally bad for you' foods?
I love pizza and chocolate. Not at the same time though!