Monday, 6 February 2017

Book Review

Hey evryone, long time no see. I really apologise for being away for so long. Am currently visiting a small town with the worst internet service in the whole world. I swear! I got a small chance to post this and I decided to seize it. I really missed you guys.
Today I'll be reviewing a book I got a couple of months ago I hope you enjoy it.

Title: Brake Failure

Author: Alison Brodie

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Plot:  Ruby Mortimor-smyth is a well brought up English rose who doesn't slouch or swear and is more that happy to bear her double-barreled  surname and be a good housewife, while almost accepting the fact that she'll never be able to compete with her sophisticated sister Claire whose biggest problem in life seems to be what to serve when she has the French Ambassador over for dinner. Then she moves to Kansas and it seems that the train that is her lufe has had a brake failure-literally.

Review:  If you don't even faintly remember something called the Y2K bug, then you may be too young to read this book... Just joking!  The book is set in the months before the new millenium when the world was supposed to end (that's was the Nigerian version). I was a child myself but I clearly remember all that talk about the world being plunged into darkness, Jesus' second coming and all that. So when I started reading about how Ruby and her grandfather were stockpiling supplies to survive the end of the world, I had to stop for a minute and laugh out really loud. And that wasn't the last time I laughed while reading this super well-written book.

 The author really knows how to create drama and laughter, with a little romance to spice things up (wink). Here's a girl whose never really had to give much thought to anything, she's done things the same way all  her life and suddenly she has to make big decisions about major life choices. Like I said earlier, the book is 99.9% humour but if you look very closely, there are some serious undertones to it. And I think that was the most impressive thing for me. That fact that the author was able to come up with a book that's all rom-com on the surface but with hudden layer which challenges the reader to question if they are really pursuing the most important things in life.

 I really loved the rivalry between Ruby and her sister, of course I took sides with Ruby but it's a little hard not to be fascinated by Claire. with all her stories about the louvre and her selection of wines. I felt sorry Ruby. To have to compete with all that sophistication is no joke and am happy  am not in her shoes.

Rating: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹